lathe_machineryTechnoMachine has many machineries specialized in metal operation like:

- General turning machines

- Modern turning machines (CNC)

- Surface grinding machines

- Tools’ manufacturing and sharpening

- Internal stock and shaper machines

- Internal and external cylinder grinding



- General milling machines and moulds operation

- HUB machines specialized in producing all sizes of gears

- Hydraulic compressor for assemblage works

- Ores analysis in accredited places

- Hardness (HRC) measurement device

- Sheper machine for internal opening


- Spiral baval machines

As well, the workers have previous history at ” Military Factories” and graduates from Italian “Don Bosco” and German “Galal Fahmy” schools and Mobarak echole, continuous training is being exercised in the company for evaluation and enhancement to put the company on the road of international competition.- CNC milling machine